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Factors of Manual Handling Risk Assessment

It is now vital for companies to make sure that they provide a comfortable working environment for the employees. Otherwise, the workers have the right to sue the company. Although some cases end up with failure, it is still a big disturbance that companies need to anticipate. As it is one of the highly-anticipated matters, a safe and injury-free working environment is a vital aspect. Manual handling training is one effective method to achieve such a goal. Fortunately, it is relatively easy to find manual handling training course, and companies can rely on the course to reduce the risks of on-site injuries.

Note that many positions require manual handling at certain extents, and it is something workers can avoid. The latest statistics show that more than one million workers have musculoskeletal disorder as a result of not following the available safety procedures. The implication of such a situation is pretty severe as many of those companies deal with hundreds of different lawsuits each year. For that reason, it is advisable to assess the situation carefully, including the determinant factors in manual handling. This article discusses two common factors of manual handling risk assessment that can help reduce the risks of injuries at work.

TILE Method

TILE stands for Task, Individual, Loads, and Environment. It refers to the most fundamental assessment that the company needs to carry out to measure environment safety. Note that preventive measure is way more advisable than dealing with many different lawsuits each year. To go on with the method, first, you need to analyze the types of tasks given to the worker to see if it is a seated or standing task. Then, you also need to carefully examine how the workers execute the task. If they have the strength to continue, everything will be fine. However, if you notice they are not strong enough to perform well, it is time to reassess the situation. Paying attention to the environment is also crucial since the environment plays a significant role in how workers will deliver the jobs.

Risk Control

Even when the company firmly sticks to the above assessment, risks of injuries will always be part of the working environment. Thus, the last thing to do is to control the risk itself to make sure it can be handled and minimized well. What the company can do is to follow the basic safety procedures, such as lifting techniques, route cleaning, and using handling equipment. This way, the company can reduce such risks by more than eighty percent.…

Advantages of Employee Background Checks

Hiring disasters happen, and you would be in the wrong place trying to imagine that you can have it safe for your future employees. A background check for employees is a systematic approach to reducing business risks that could destroy a business. Risks come in many types and sizes. Employees could fail to represent the company well and cause significant damage to its brand. On the other hand, job seekers might fool you into thinking they are the right ones for your job position only to turn out as inadequately fit. Here are the advantages of employee background checks.

You reduce employee turnover

background employee checkBackground checks allow you to lower chances of employees leaving work because they cannot do it or when they find out they are a good fit. Many companies lose so much time as they focus on deliverables in their operating schedules. The hidden costs of hiring and replacing employees are too much for a company to bare repeatedly. Background checks ensure that the company understands the risks that employees will pose once they start working in the firm. The company could screen out applicants who may seem not interested in the line of work the job position would be offering them. It gets a chance to recruit the right person not only for the job but also for the career.

You lower legal obligations

Background checks help to absolve a company from the liability of employee conduct. For instance, the company will not be part of the wrongdoings by illegal immigrants. The business will also understand the background of people with a criminal history so that it deals with them carefully to avoid too much responsibility all at once. Meanwhile, it will reduce the challenges of solving legal violation such as possession of drugs, working while drunk especially when operating machinery, and handling machinery without adequate operational knowledge.

You lower chances of fraud-related losses

Fraudulent employees are likely to be the ones who have a history of lying and cheating in their job history, and you must be careful with them. A way to protect your business is to ensure that all employees are under tight surveillance for any fraudulent activity, especially when such action could expose your firm to problems with its supply chain partners. Tight surveillance is not only about supervision, but you also need to pay attention to what employees claim and what their work performance and history represent. You are likely to stumble on positive attributes that influence your decisions to promote employees. At the same time, you build a rich employee history that lets you enjoy a perfect match of employee abilities and preferences with the available job positions and descriptions.

Background checks are essential for operating a business successfully in today’s competitive and risky environments. Pay attention to these advantage of confirming all information that employees claim as valid for their history. Furthermore, you should be building the background information as a constant business operation instead of relying only on reports from third-party background check reports.…